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Fiber Nasopharyngoscope Instruments

Fiber Nasopharyngoscope Instruments

    Model: SY-XWB


    Product Type: Flexible fiber endoscopes

    Warranty: No

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A fiber nasopharyngoscope can be used for an examination of the nasopharynx and throat, such as biopsy, a small knot of vocals, surgical treatment of smaller vocal polyp, take a foreign object from the pharynx, etc.

Fiber Nasopharyngoscope

Fiber Nasopharyngoscope is a medical device that examines the nasopharynx, throat, and larynx. It can be used for biopsy, surgical treatment of vocal cord nodules or small polyps of vocal cords, and removal of foreign bodies in the pharynx. It is a kind of fiber optic equipment. During the detailed examination of the larynx, the imaging technology of the microscope can magnify the lesion to thousands of times. The doctor can use surgical forceps to adjust the enlarged vocal cord cyst and other diseased tissues. Vocal cord polyps, vocal cord nodules and other vocal cord lesions are treated by outpatient surgery. The operation time is short and the patient is basically painless.

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