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ENT Instruments(Rigid)

ENT Instruments(Rigid)

    Model: SY-EBH


    Product Type: Rigid endoscopes

    Warranty: One Year

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Endoscopy is a diagnostic medical procedure that’s minimally invasive. Physicians use it to view interior surfaces of a tissue or organ, allowing them access to certain cavities of the body they normally can't see while performing a standard examination procedure. Nasal endoscopy, also referred to as Rhinoscopy, is typically performed in an otolaryngologist's or ear, nose, and throat office where they have a direct, high-quality and magnified vision as they evaluate your sinus and nasal passages.

External ear examination

External ear examination and surgery, pituitary adenoma resection, ear neurosurgery, nasal polyp, otitis media and tympanic membrane surgery, snoring, allergic, atrophic, acute and chronic, tonsillitis, sinusitis, pharynx, laryngitis, deafness, tinnitus and other ear, nose and throat diseases, chronic dacryocystitis, benign tumor resection of nasal cavity and sinuses, etc.

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